Tandon said the measure must be implemented immediately after

They were almost safely home when he misjudged a curve on Bergamot Ave., near Islington Ave. And Rexdale Blvd., and slammed head on into an oncoming TTC bus, killing the two women. The night before the Oct. Officials said that the left turns were blocked at Labour Chowk, Mamura and sectors 18, 37 and 63, among others. A survey for the same will be conducted and a report will be produced by Tuesday, officials said.In a meeting held to discuss traffic problems, the team of traffic personnel led by superintendent of police (traffic), Anil Kumar Jha, said that commuters face a lot difficulty to take a left turn, so much so that it leads to an increase in traffic volume when the signal turns red.Officials said the problem of left turns persists only in Noida, while in Greater Noida, it is organised better and there is barely any congestion due to the issue. Tandon said the measure must be implemented immediately after the report is prepared so that those shuttling between Noida and Delhi face minimal problems.Senior superintendent of police, Gautam Budh Nagar, Love Kumar, and members of residential bodies, NMRC and other stakeholders were present at the meeting.For immediate respite, officials also said 16 pedestrian bridges need to be constructed and existing ones should be re examined, as a committee set up by Tandon submitted that pedestrians are not using these bridges.Anil Kumar Jha said, are various roads where pedestrian bridges have been constructed but people do not use these because they can walk through the central verge and cross the road.

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